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Should I Take a Break after the Season?

Hi Leah! Even if you think your season wasn’t crazy demanding, the fact that you had a “racing season” means you would probably benefit from a “resting season.” Definitely take some time completely off running. Even multiple world record holder

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Ankle Sprain Pain that Just Won’t Quit?

Hi Katie P, With all the cross country training people have been doing, I’ve been getting a lot of ankle questions lately! When you have experienced a bad ankle sprain in the past, you are more likely to re-sprain it,

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Discouraged by Weight Gain After Injury?

Hi Elle, When I injured my navicular in 2008, I went from 125 to 140.  Yikes. I totally know what you are going through right now. Coming back to running in a heavier body is not only sucky and hard,

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Why am I Getting Stomach Cramps? (problem solved)

The most recent diagnosis is posted at the top!  Looks like the problem is solved! 8/3/11 diagnosis: Stomach ulcer with possible visceral and muscular fascia disturbances resulting from training through it for a long time. I had an ultrasound of

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Is Soy Good for Athletes?


Hi Lauren,

I was wondering, is there something bad about soy milk? I know that with your Picky Bars website, you said that too much soy can be a bad thing. I was just wondering, what exactly does too much soy do, and if drinking soy milk twice daily counts as too much soy? Thank you for your time! By the way, this is really awesome that you have this website to ask you questions!


Patrick Jeannette


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the question! My research tells me that good quality soy in moderation is totally cool, but you should be aware of the issues associated…

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