The athlete's nightcap is here to stay in the Fleshman/Thomas household.


My Final Verdict on Tart Cherries

  When I first hooked up with the Tart Cherry people about working with them, I was an occasional binge user of tart cherry juice who had heard it was good for athletes but didn’t really know why. I was

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Getting Comfortable

One Week Done I honestly can’t believe it’s been a week already since I had surgery. The next 11 weeks stretch out ahead in a way I can’t even let myself consider. I can’t think about how it will be

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An Unexpected Victory

Yesterday I got surgery on my Achilles area in a foreign country by one of the leading tendon specialists in the world, and today I am a new woman. Not just because he fixed a bunch of broken shit that

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Being grateful for every moment I can exercise. Gratitude is a powerful tool for good health and happiness.

One Month Later

The first four weeks of Jude, the week by week body transformation (photos of course), and what I’m doing specifically to get my fitness back.

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