A Dream Turnaround

Contest winners announced; the inside story of how things turned around in eight days; and some great videos and pictures.

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Ready to Race Stockholm? Yeah!

First race in five weeks in one of the best 5k fields I’ve ever seen assembled; hanging out with a Canyon Country star; out of body experiences; eating nasty licorice. The fun goes on in Stockholm!

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A Rabbiting Debate

I’m definitely doing it: rabbiting a World Record attempt for Defar in four days. The basic idea of a rabbit, for the rookies out there, is to have someone take the lead in a race at a designated pace for

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Pre Classic: The Challenge of Rebounding

I’ve never been good at rebounds.

When playing basketball in elementary school, I was great at putting myself in a position to shoot, but the game would move halfway down the other side of the court before I remembered to keep playing. And in tetherball, when I got one of those sweet set ups to absolutely obliterate the ball in an arc over the other players head, I’d smash the hell out of it and stand there stupidly enjoying the sting on my hand while the other player recovered enough to smash the ball back into my unsuspecting teeth…

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