Q: The lifespan of a running shoe?

Hey Lauren,

If I am a casual jogger, how often should I switch my running shoes?

King Canada



King of the Canadian Curlers-

If you run every day, no matter how casually, you’ll need new ones every 300-500 miles.  I’ve run in a pair of lunarglies for 700 but I wouldn’t try that at home.  If you wear your running shoes around town when you grocery shop, walk the dog, or whatever, they won’t last as long.  Its all about time on the feet. My Running Shoe The best way to make your shoes last is to wear them exclusively for running, and keep them out of extreme temperatures when you aren’t wearing them (not in the back of your car window in the heat of summer like I manage to do at least once a year).  Before I started running seriously, I’d get three pairs a year, Christmas, first day of Spring in May, and my September birthday (and that way I got them as gifts 2/3 times 🙂  Highly recommend implementing some strategy there.