Exciting (Eek!) Changes at Picky Bars!

At Picky Bars, when it comes down to it, I have two jobs. Make recipes Be the guardian of what Picky Bars is all about as a brand The recipe part is hard work, but it is easy in comparison

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A Kick in the Pants, Peachtree Style

Before this weekend, (having never been there), when I thought of Atlanta I thought of this:   But after my three-day visit for the Peachtree 10k, thanks to the hospitality of the Atlanta Track Club and others, my view has evolved to

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Give it up for the AJC Peachtree 10K

I’m about to hop on the plane to Atlanta with my Oiselle Little Wing Teammate, Mel Lawrence for what promises to be a grueling and fantastic couple days. Before the festivities get started, I wanted to share my schedule in

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The Mini!

Mmmmm. This feels nice. I’m chillin’ in my hotel suite with Chief Bird Sally Bergesen and her two daughters Iris and Isabel. Jude is asleep in the closet. Two years after becoming friends, we’ve traveled across the country to take

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Oiselle Scantron Tank

Oxy Takes Me For a Ride: 5k Numero Dos

Oxy = Angst This 5k tonight at Oxy High Performance has sent me for a loop the past two weeks. As the days ticked by, I got more and more uptight thinking about it, culminating in Picky Bars staff meeting

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Our fearless leader keeps it light, despite my best efforts to be Miss GrouchyPants.

A Weekend of Epic Proportions Part 1

He did it. After winning Wildflower Triathlon three times, breaking his foot, getting a screw put in his foot, beating his head against the wall trying unsuccessfully to rehab it with tons of pain, having the screw removed, and doing

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Back on Boylston

I’m back. Like a zillion other people who were here when the shit hit the fan last year, I’m here, in Boston. We all make conversation. We try to decipher how our experience lines up with the person whom we

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The Boulder Budged

Ever since Jude was born in June, I’ve been working toward becoming an elite athlete again, but it has been very difficult to find momentum. Little things keep getting in the way of progress. Breastfeeding zapped my energy. The sleep

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Sydney Race Report Part 2 (with, um, words)

Ok peeps. You read looked, you scratched your head, you pondered, you commented (fist bump), you got bored and ate a sandwich…and now I will use the ol’ alphabet to fill you in on what happened during my post-baby 5k

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