Ready for Launch

The newest in the Believe Training Journal Series, COMPETE Journal, and the BELIEVE Logbook, have just launched. See what they are about, and how they can help you get more out of your running.

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Roka Sunnies For the Win

So you might have heard about Jesse getting his own fancy pants aviators designed by Roka. He wrote about the whole story, if you haven’t. It’s a good one. Jesse really likes aviators. If you follow us you probably know

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photo by Mark Stone

On Retiring from Professional Racing

Every morning for 10 months, I woke up to the sight of my elite racing kit that I hung on the wall next to my bed as a motivator after Achilles surgery. It was a visual cue that represented a

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18 Days with Erin Taylor’s “Hit Reset”

When Erin Taylor, friend, mentor, and my favorite yoga teacher (founder of Jasyoga), told me she had a book in the works, I was thrilled for her on a personal level, and curious as to how that would work. Erin

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I Raced! (My Mountain Bike, But Still)

Ripping around the curves. Fine tuning my body position. Plotting how to bridge the gap. Gauging exactly how much I can push at this moment without blowing up. Man I’ve missed racing. In the 8 months since surgery on my achilles, it took

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Picky Bars in Trader Joe’s!

  Trader Joe’s has been my fantasy grocery account since the early days when I would buy my ingredients there for the original “Lauren’s Mega Nuts.” And now, it’s happening. Picky Bars got picked up in Trader Joe’s nationwide! Jesse wrote

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Feed The Dream™

Athlete Entrepreneurs are using their intimate knowledge of athlete needs to approach sports marketing in ways larger companies with big budgets wouldn’t consider.

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My Favorites By Fabric

Oiselle just came out with a fabric guide, and I was like thank you yes please. For three years now I’ve gotten to try on and wear every single thing possible from their line. I’m supremely spoiled. You really can’t

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I’ve seen and lived running in a lot of different ways. For many years, a drive to be the best was my primary fuel source. Big wins and big losses helped me hone my skills. Injuries tortured and humbled me. My coaches

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