Forbidden Territory

A new friend invites me to a writing workshop and I dive in to “Forbidden Territory.” It is amazing.

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A Fresh Start

First day coaching a new athlete on Team Little Wing. Seeing the new year opening up for her inspires some reflections on fall’s past and present.

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Getting Comfortable

One Week Done I honestly can’t believe it’s been a week already since I had surgery. The next 11 weeks stretch out ahead in a way I can’t even let myself consider. I can’t think about how it will be

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An Unexpected Victory

Yesterday I got surgery on my Achilles area in a foreign country by one of the leading tendon specialists in the world, and today I am a new woman. Not just because he fixed a bunch of broken shit that

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all the women

the faceless critics they try to silence you they sexualize you to minimize you to make a play thing out of a great thing this ain’t a game, team we’re doin something we need a brave theme song for this

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Tendon Health Strategies

In my most recent blog update, I talk about my achilles challenges, searching high and low for the best approaches, and taking a measured, intentional approach to returning to health and competition. Not everyone can fly across the country to

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The Next Step

It’s no secret I’ve been dealing with some achilles stuff for quite a while. Over two years to be exact. About six weeks ago I had a breakthrough. A very high resolution MRI read by Dr. Amol Saxena found that

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I miss my dad

I knew he would die the moment he was diagnosed. So when he did, two years later, after liver cancer did its work, it felt…appropriate. The death itself was messy. I watched him gasp for air, in a coma, supposedly

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Frank Fleshman: Obituary

April 9, 1955-May 15, 2015 Frank Fleshman passed away May 15th in the arms of his wife and two children, after a two-year battle with liver cancer. A casual memorial was held at the family home with his friends and

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