Discussing “Equality” in NCAA Cross Country

There’s some discussion going on about equality in collegiate cross country that was sparked by the recent IAAF decision to unify the distance for professionals. On the professional level, where women used to race 8k and men 12k, (and before

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Ode to Cross Country and the Greasy Spoon

They won. We flew. In a plane. Two planes actually. One from Rhodes Island carrying Ro McGettigan, and the other carrying me from Bend Oregon. Both of us were deposited in Detroit simultaneously after 10pm, where we rented a lemon

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Today My Son

upon finishing his dinner hatched a plan for us i would push his high chair into the next room and he would watch me play guitar while he sang and as he explained it his eyes showing me the way

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Six Weeks of the Couch Life: An Update

  The scar from my heel surgery is looking good, the contours of the heel bone beneath are smooth, the achilles tendon is nice and mobile. 95% of the time I feel zero pain. I’ve spent six weeks as a

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The athlete's nightcap is here to stay in the Fleshman/Thomas household.

My Final Verdict on Tart Cherries

  When I first hooked up with the Tart Cherry people about working with them, I was an occasional binge user of tart cherry juice who had heard it was good for athletes but didn’t really know why. I was

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A Fresh Start

First day coaching a new athlete on Team Little Wing. Seeing the new year opening up for her inspires some reflections on fall’s past and present.

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Getting Comfortable

One Week Done I honestly can’t believe it’s been a week already since I had surgery. The next 11 weeks stretch out ahead in a way I can’t even let myself consider. I can’t think about how it will be

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An Unexpected Victory

Yesterday I got surgery on my Achilles area in a foreign country by one of the leading tendon specialists in the world, and today I am a new woman. Not just because he fixed a bunch of broken shit that

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all the women

the faceless critics they try to silence you they sexualize you to minimize you to make a play thing out of a great thing this ain’t a game, team we’re doin something we need a brave theme song for this

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