I’m Going to the SHORTY AWARDS!!

I bit the bullet. Whipped out the Visa. Bought me an airline ticket across this land of the free to NYC for the Shorty Awards on April 20th. The Shorty Awards are like the Oscars or Grammy’s for social media.

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Tart Cherries and Sleep

One of my sponsors for 2015 is tart cherries, which officially satisfied my college dream of “being sponsored by food.” My job is simple. To eat and drink them (which I already did), and to let people know why tart

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Cropped: The USATF #YoureWelcome Commercial

USATF just launched a commercial “You’re Welcome” about the sport of Track and Field on NBC. And while I’m thrilled to see a professionally produced track and field commercial, it highlights a problem within our governing body that hurts everyone with a

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Starlight she sends Over darkened tree lines While whispers wait watching The rain There I stand firm Dripping sorrow and want Open arms stretch to feel her Again

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Lauren’s Gift List

Hey Peeps! While I’m sitting here shopping online for gifts for my family and friends, I thought I should share some of the things I think make great gifts. I am sponsored by or partners in some of these brands,

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Our Story. Dig it.

Special thanks to Kerri Stewart and My Window on KBNZ for doing this feature story on Picky Bars. Jesse and I did a rare news interview together about growing to 9 employees, how we got our start, and the future

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2014 USATF Annual Meeting Recap

Some other time I can write my entire history of my relationship to sport governance, ranging from blind optimism, to wanting to be the future CEO of USATF, to nice informative sit downs with former CEO Craig Masback, to puzzlement,

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