My mind is not attuned to writing lately. I’ve had a wave of creative brainstorming, but its been directed at all sorts of community service ideas for our team and myself. Its leaving very little room left for creative writing.
Interesting workout today:
2 sets of 4 x 2 minutes @ 5k pace with 30″ recovery. Set rest is 5 minutes jog/easy run.
We did it on one stretch of trail, back and forth. We would start at a particular spot, run for 2 minutes, draw a line on the trail where we finished, start the next one from there heading back the other direction, trying to make it the same distance or further each time. It really felt like it simulated a 5k race feeling, and I got to practice composing myself when panic and booty lock starts to set in. I just kept thinking about the yoga idea of keeping a smile on your face, even when you are straining…you hide the storm within.