I pedaled my cruiser alongside Jesse on his run today, just to catch some sunshine and fresh air, but other than that I had a very restful day (physically).

Errands took up loads of time in the afternoon, and my head was foggy for some reason, causing me to miss turnoffs and pass by destinations while driving.

The only errand I did not complete was the one I looked forward to most: our new CSA pickup. Basically we joined a local produce co-op that sources locally grown food and puts a box together for you every week for a set price. You pick it up from a drop spot on someone’s porch and try to figure out what the hell to cook using ingredients like parsnips, mustard greens, and fresh mint.

Why are we doing this?  Is it cheaper?  Nope.  Convenient?  Not particularly.  After watching “Food Inc.” and reading Omnivores Dilemma, things changed around our kitchen.  I used to laugh at the suckers that would spend extra money on food in the name of what seemed like abstract principles, but now I realize that’s just because the whole issue seemed too intimidating to dive into.  I was scared that if I learned about it, I would have to change something.  I was right.  Darn it.