Days like today perfectly illustrate the craziness of this sport….the tsunami we surf on, always on the brink of disaster but somehow the lip of that massive wave resists crashing over for an impossibly long time.

Last night I was crying and had to read until 1am to fall asleep from the stress of my hip.  This morning I wake up feeling looser and good enough to do my session as planned:

9×800 with 90 seconds recovery, alternating 2:44, 2:40, 2:36 on the trails 3 times.  Followed by 10x150m strides with 50m jog recovery.

My rhythm was good; breathing under control. I trained with our new teammate, Julia Lucas, and we synced up nicely with no girl drama.  An altogether fantastic session.  How the hell did that happen?

You think this would be enough to keep me from thrashing around in a fit next time my hip hurts, but its not that simple.  Well, maybe it is, I don’t know.  If I could take the emotion out of it…