My boobs spontaneousy grew, and they hurt like hell. Either I’m having the hugest and longest PMS ever, or I’m knocked up.
I seriously doubt I could be pregs, since I’m not particularly wreckless. But its always a possibility I guess. A friend of a friend gave birth to her son and he was holding the IUD in his hand. Seriously. You are never safe.

I joke, but I don’t really think I’m pregnant.  But with the combination of my late bloomerness and years of distance running, I’ve never had the luxury of regular periods.  I’m currently as regular as I’ve ever been and that basically means I know I’ll get one every 28-60 days.  Most women start busting out the pregnancy tests on day 35, but not I.  At $17 a pop, I’d have gone broke by now.

Instead, I just endure anywhere from 1 to 15 days of random pre menstrual symptoms, thinking it could come any day (or will it?)  Sounds awesome, right?!

Where did these come from?No.  Clearly its not awesome.  But what is the alternative?  Birth control hormones to regulate my cycle.  Not a chance.  Not for this girl.  I’ve tried them three different times in my life, because they really do have their merits for many female distance runners (elites included) but I’m just not cut out for them.  Each time I went on the pill, Boobs McGhee came back into town.  We’re talkin major expansion…as in skipping over the B’s completely to completely fill out a C.  And as sexy as that felt, they might as well have been filled with thumb tacks for how much it hurt to hug someone, much less run.  And no, it did not get better after three months.

While my physical reaction to estrogen bodes well for my post-running career physique, artificial hormones don’t match my current lifestyle.  Back about five years ago, I skipped nearly a year of periods, and refusing to go on estrogen again, my doctor recommended progesterone as an alternative.  She said that I only really needed four periods a year, and if you take progesterone for 10 days every three months, it will induce a period.  She said some people feel “blue” when they are on it, but its only 10 days, and to call her if anything weird happened.

By day five, I was crying over nothing.  Day six I wouldn’t get out of bed, and by day seven I actually contemplated suicide for the first and only time in my life.  Luckily I was at my parent’s house.  My mom called the doc and I was told to stop the hormone immediately.  Within two days, I was my normal cheerful self.  I obviously didn’t try it again.

So, what gives?  I feel your pain, female runners out there.  Especially those of you in high school and college.  Its tough to know what to do.  If you find yourselves irregular and worried about it, try the pill for a few months in the off season, and even if it chubs you up for three or four months, its worth it. You only have a few years to develop strong bones, and you’ll shed the extra weight (either naturally as you adjust to the pill, or if you are like me, after you get off it during the season).  And training a little heavy at the right time of the season can actually really help you out in the long run…its like a weight vest, but hotter.