Sometimes I feel like I could use a little more help around this house.  Like today for instance.  And I can’t pinpoint any one thing that set me off, but I feel dissatisfied and moody and there must be some reason.  It feels like I’m over-reacting to everything the past few days.

Running is going well, so that’s not it, although even my best workout days are tinged by this or that ache or pain.  Today was no exception.  The 10x1k in 3:10/3:20 alternating with 200 jog recovery in 90 seconds was an amazing step on paper.  It was fairly relaxed until mystery cramp showed up on #8 and I had to stop the workout then and there.  Even so, 8 was a great session for me.  Its just that I felt crooked running, like my right shin muscle would feel dead or my right leg would buckle occasionally as if misfiring.  My arms were uneven too, no matter how much I tried to keep them in line.

Maybe its these constant little niggles that make me on edge.  I’m virtually smacking myself on the cheek right now, saying “Get over it!”