I thought I might be catching a cold this time yesterday? Ha! To think it was even a question! I am sick as a dog. Out of commission. Hacking up my lungs. Head is full of fog. Yuck. This picture of the swamp I went to in Oregon is what my lungs feel like.Oregon Swamp

As soon as I got horizontal last night, the coughing got out of control. Jesse had to leave the room for any chance of sleep, and when he knocked on Ben Bruce’s door across the hall at the B and B, Ben thought Jesse was sleep walking. But they sorted it out and J crashed in the spare bed in Ben’s room, and I coughed my way through 9 long hours of darkness. I must have slept in between coughs, but I have no memory of anything but misery.

Right when the clock struck 8:00, I contacted Rowland and asked him if there was a doc in town I could see. When you are on the road, you basically cross your fingers that you don’t get sick or injured because you have no medical contacts. Well, Rowland knew a guy who know a woman who offered to see me if I drove to the indoor track meet at UNM where she was volunteering. I picked up an enormous cold-buster smoothie and a box of kleenex and hit the road.

The doc’s analysis was that I had an upper respiratory infection and it was exacerbated by my asthma. My coughing fits were due to that. So I walked away with no antibiotics, and picked up a cartload of over-the-counter meds. I napped this afternoon, and when I awoke, the most strenuous thing I did was lift a fork of tasteless food to my mouth repeatedly sometime around 8:00.

Please, let this be a quick cold. Not the kind that lasts for two weeks and makes me miss loads of training. I just can’t afford that at this point. I better stop even thinking along those lines because its making me wanna throw my computer. Its going to be a quick one. I’m going to rest and knock it right out.