Today marks 10 years of Jesse and I loving one another.  We had some off-years mixed in there when we dated other people, but our hearts could never quite give in.  We first got together on Valentine’s Day in 2000, and it has much more significance for us than even our wedding anniversary.  I’m glad its the most significant day for us, because its a lot easier to remember the date and everyone around you is also in the spirit of romance.

We tend to go big for V-Day, and often take turns planning it.  Jesse was in charge this time and he surprised me with a 6am wake up call and instructions to eat a hearty breakfast, dress warm, and pack running clothes.  We drove out  20 minutes from the B and B and pulled into this random parking lot as the sun rose over the Sandia Mountains.  Just a few yards away was a hot air balloon company van and a collecting crowd of people!  Unfortunately it was too windy for any of us to safely go up in the balloons, so we took a rain check for another day.  We weren’t really that bummed because we were in a great mood from the anticipation.

Jesse had planned for us to run when the balloon ride was over, which was why he said to eat a big breakfast, but now suddenly we had full stomachs and nothing to do but go for a run.  We needed to kill at least an hour so we wouldn’t feel sick for the long run, so we went to Starbucks and read the entire New York Times and had tea, chatting about the articles.  Then we hit up the awesome dirt trails along the Rio Grande and I made it 10 miles!  No probs.

By noon we were eating lunch at home and resting up for the afternoon adventure.  We met up with teammates Chris Thompson and Jemma Simpson at 2pm to drive an hour to Santa Fe.  The first stop was a spa called 10,000 waves or something, which was incredible.  For 18 bucks each, we had unlimited access to communal spas, saunas, a relaxation room, and could wander the immaculate grounds in our bath robes.  It was incredibly relaxing and I could have stayed for days, but we left after nearly 4 hours.  After that it was off to a funky diner for amazing dinner, and then to the plaza for dessert which I was too full to enjoy and back on the road to Albuquerque.

We just got back and I’m nearing a new record for exhaustion.  I can’t believe I managed to record all that without collapsing on the laptop.