Compress that looks like dog doo in saran wrapAs we only have one car between the two of us, Jesse and I coordinate our workouts. On days when Jesse does a morning swim, he has to wait until 10am when all the lanes are open at the gym. I wait to go with him, and start my run from the gym.

Since I know Jesse will take at least 90 minutes, I warm up properly indoors with drills and activation exercises, run outdoors, and then take my time stretching properly. To be honest, I don’t really like the running in that area very much, but I like the way I take care of the details when I go down there. Especially now when I’m recently healthy and want to remain so.

Today’s run had to be done indoors on the…treadmill (gag). I really dislike running on a treadmill, but my respiratory infection set off my asthma, which is affected most in cold air. So I sucked it up and ran 5 miles really really slowly to keep my heart rate lower than 150. I figured I’d take advantage of the only perk of working out indoors and watch TV, but there was nothing on other than religious propaganda and Spanish soap operas. I shut it off and instead watched my reflection in the blank screen, aiming to run with proper form and relaxation.

Jesse took ages to finish, and by the time we got home and had lunch, I had to leave for my 2:30 acupuncture appointment. It was helpful, but thank God I didn’t have a real job to get back to because they kept me there for 2.5 hours. It was like I’d get a round of needles and then he’d leave for 45 minutes while I died of boredom and tried to tell myself I should be practicing being at peace with no stimulation. Then the doctor would come back, bang on my leg with a needled hammer, change the needles and leave me again. Oh my God the waiting was so boring. And then he came back at the end with what looked like a giant dog turd on saran wrap and said he was going to put it on my foot. I can not tell you how much it looked like doodie (I took a picture.) Its definitely not the kind of thing I’ll sign up for again unless I really need it.

By the time I got home from that, I changed clothes and had 15 minutes of light left for my 5 mile evening run. Luckily I know these streets so well that I could avoid the cracks in the concrete by instinct. There are no street lights in NE Albuquerque. I thought it was because of light pollution, but my host told me it was because the city was too cheap.