Thank God the University of Albuquerque has volunteer doctors who are willing to see out of town pro athletes last minute.  Having gotten a bit worse last night, I called up Doctor Ann and she said to pop by the training room at 1pm.  On the phone with her, I was nodding along while she gave me insanely detailed directions, thinking that it couldn’t be that difficult to find.  Then it takes me 30 minutes to find the damn building, so I am cursing myself for not listening better the whole time.

But I found it, and I went in and got checked out. UNM’s training room is not all that impressive as far as equipment goes, but everything is utilitarian and does the trick.  Compared to the opulence at University of Oregon, I was taken a bit off guard when I first walked in.  The room resembled Division III Oberlin College’s facilities.  But what they do have going for them is amazing staff, and maximization of resources.  After my experience today, I believe that to be far more important than interior decoration.

Aside from an easy run with a couple light pickups, I laid around all day and coughed. I’m dreading the nighttime.  If it doesn’t show improvement by tomorrow, the Doc is going to prescribe some hard core meds for me.   A Kenyan guy in town died of complications from pneumonia and tuberculosis the other day, so I’m a bit nervous.