When I was a few years younger, I didn’t believe that you could munch on chocolate as an elite athlete and expect to be fit.  I was running with the Team USA Mammoth group at the time, and during my first week, Deena Kastor was talking about the benefits of chocolate, and how much she ate it, but looking at her I was like, “yeah you eat chocolate, my ass.”  The woman was like 5% body fat and an Olympic medalist.

A few days later, immediately after we finish an 8 mile run, Deena busts out this Olympic sized dark chocolate bar and puts it down in a matter of minutes.  The thing was as big as my face.  I stood there baffled.  This turned out to be a common occurance for her, and I chalked it up to her being a metabolic freak of nature.

Memories of that time have been coming back to me since I got to Albuquerque.  I was picking up a prescription at Walgreens and there was an entire health article on the benefits of cacao (the beans chocolate comes from).  Turns out they get like a 991 or something on the anti-oxident scale (blueberries were in the 60’s for a reference).  At least those are the general numbers I remember off the top of my head.  Basically the stuff is amazing.

For some reason my cravings for dark chocolate have increased dramatically, and I’ve been buying those Pound Plus dark chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s regularly.  Seems like every day I break off a couple squares after lunch, pop some cacao beans dipped in dark chocolate after my workout, and take down another couple squares after dinner.  Something tells me that my intake is adding up to more than that tiny little peak of the food pyramid.

The strange thing is, this increase in my fat loaded dark chocolate has coincided with 2 pounds of lost weight.  I’m sure its from the chocolate and not the increase in my ability to train this past month.