For the past two days, I’ve felt like I was coming down with something. Two days ago I was feeling dizzy when I stood up too fast, and I felt a little burn in my chest. I attributed both to altitude of course. Everything gets blamed on the altitude, until you find out its something more serious.

Well today its looking more like I’m catching something. I can’t really stop coughing and my ears feel a bit plugged up. I drank tons of water, took echinacea and goldenseal, had three EmergenC’s in as many hours and put my feet up. It seems to be getting worse…

At dinner tonight, I had to laugh because everyone has their own advice for knocking out a cold really fast. Here are some of the things I heard:

a pint of vodka (you’ll sleep it off and the alcohol will kill the cold)
zicam (it works great but it might kill your sense of smell)
a pound of dark chocolate (all the antioxidants and calories and fat give you energy to fight the cold)
feed the cold with tons of heavy food
avoid sugar and white flour (they lower your immune system)
chinese herbs (something about liver heat and chi)
hot baths

What’s a girl to believe? When you are getting sick, you are in a position to try anything, especially when you are on the verge of catching some training momentum. I was meant to do a double run today…4×600 in the morning and then 30 easy in the afternoon. The sickness didn’t hit me until 4pm, and I’m thinking that my 600’s killed any chance of my body’s last minute attempt at a pre-emptive attack. Once it came time to do my pm run, it just about broke my heart to bail on it.

All I want is a little momentum, ya know? But it was a pretty easy decision in the end. Rest when you are starting to get sick can go a long way in reducing the length of the illness. Just like a few days off when you have a little niggle prevents it from becoming a massive injury. I’ll get momentum eventually.