Tonight most of the OTC Albuquerque group met up for our traditional burger and brew. Its kind of a popular thing to do in Eugene, and so we recreated it here at the Flying Star. It wasn’t the $6 steal you find at home, but it was damn good. And now I am way too full to sleep.

I had a 13 mile day today, so I almost justified the massive dinner plus all my other meals and the two donuts that fell into my mouth when grocery shopping at albertsons today. Not my healthiest of days, but I am very proud of the running.

I jumped in with some women today and did a fartlek of 5′, 4′, 3′, 2′, 90″, 1′, with 3′ recovery. We ran on a hilly cross country course, and started at 5:25 pace and got progressively faster with each interval until we were 4:50 and 4:38 pace at the end. Then 6x100m strides and that was a 9 mile morning. 4m in the pm at a world record slow pace (37 minutes) and it was a day.