When I wasn’t running twice, stretching, or eating, I was working on a talk on cross training for a seminar that took place at 5:30.  I spent about 4 hours on it, and about 3 of it was enjoyable.  The first hour is always really fun, brainstorming, getting ideas out on paper.  The second hour sucks.  Suddenly I have a mass of information and I have to consider the audience carefully in order to boil it down to what’s relevant. The second hour dragged into three and I finally got it narrowed down enough to fit on one page.  Then the final hour was spent formatting and cutting things down so that it looked nice on a two page printout, and then I had 30 copies printed off at Office Max.

The talk was really fun.  Two of my teammates also spoke about different topics, and the audience, though small, was informed about the sport and fun to talk to.  Really great people.

Judy cooked a great family style stir fry dinner for the whole house when I got home.  The five athletes devoured enough food for 10 people, chatting contentedly and effortlessly long after the food was gone.