My foot hurts (the foot with the formerly broken navicular) and I’m wigging out a little bit. I know that it is not serious, I’ve had times like this before where it flares up a little for a few weeks, but when it happens it feels like the earth is going to switch directions and we will all fly off into outer space.

I’ve been quiet all day, uninterested in what anyone is talking about around me, and nothing can hold my attention; my mind is preoccupied, worrying over my foot the way you subconsciously pick at a scab.

It makes me want to get in my car, or a train, or a plane, and leave. At first I thought I was home sick, but in thinking about it, home doesn’t really seem more appealing. Its the traveling, the running away that appeals to me. I need to be moving; movement is all that can clear my mind. Is this part of my genetics? Is it hard wired in humans? An instinct to run away from complications?

Today was literally a 180 from yesterday. Man I hope tomorrow is a better day.