habits sign pointing to good or bad habitsSomeone spiked my chocolate cake. Stephanie’s 26th birthday was today, and we had a great dinner at a fancy but reasonably priced restaurant here in town, followed by the purchase of an entire cake from Sweet Life (the most famous bakery in Eugene). The cake was brought back to Stephanie and Ben’s apartment to be consumed while playing Scattegories in a six person high stakes competition. Winner keeps their pride. Let it be known that I was the winner of the game, but the loser of the night since the chocolate cake has caused me to feel totally sick…like 5 glasses of wine sick without the wine. So as Jesse is driving us home tonight at 11:00pm (which is late for married people by the way,) I’m sitting there proclaiming that I am going straight to bed, even though I haven’t written my blog yet today.

And what am I doing now? Writing my blog before bed. That is the power of habit for you. What is the critical amount of time to form a habit? I’ve heard 30 days, but I don’t think its been 30 days yet for me. I’ll have to count tomorrow. I’m just impressed this website has reached the habit level…something I’ve envisioned myself committing to for three years but have only recently made a reality.

Final thought before bed. For aspiring writers out there, check out Anne Lamott’s book Bird by Bird. I can’t help but think about the part where she says that aspiring writers just need to commit to a small window of time where they write, every single day. Even if that time is spent drooling while looking at a blank screen, you spend the time in the process of writing no matter what.