After 42 minutes of running today, followed by 25 on the elliptical and some core work, all I want to do is sleep. Its not like that is a crazy workout or anything. Its probably because the run was more like a tempo since I’m so inefficient right now. Pretty sure if my heart rate monitor’s battery wasn’t dead, it would have read 170 for a lot of it. Especially on that 6:45 mile.

So tonight I will hope for a good long sleep. When I want to sleep in, I always set an alarm for a really late time like 11:00am. If I don’t set any alarm, I wake up too early out of fear that I will sleep the entire day away. When I set a late alarm, only then is my mind at ease.Leg Bruise from Scraping

I took a picture of the bruising on my leg from the chinese medicine technique similar to the American form called “graston.” I don’t remember the chinese name because I am incapable of remembering foreign words that aren’t Spanish. But basically you scrape this plastic spatula thing across the skin, pressing down only hard enough to loosen up the facia. On healthy tissue this doesn’t hurt at all, but when there is injured tissue, you think you will die from pain and it leaves horrendous marks. But it works like a dream. In the picture above, the sartorious muscle was the only thing that lit up, and there is a distinct line from the attachment down to the medial side of my knee.