Pirate Radio movie poster - The Boat that Rocked

What a cool movie! I’ve often said that if I could be anything besides a runner, it would be a rockstar. This movie had me living my dream. There is a small group of twenty and thirty somethings who feel like they were born in the wrong generation, and I stand squarely in the middle of em.
Rebellion, subversiveness, counter-culture, and freedom, all expressed through music that your parents didn’t think you should be listening to. No movie, in my opinion, has put the music together with the culture of the era like Pirate Radio. More often its all about Woodstock, which simply doesn’t do justice to the whole story of Rock and Roll. If you’ve got a movie out there about Rock and Roll that I should see, do tell. I’m all about it right now.
Speaking of asserting independence, I’ve been doing much better since I got a better grip on the reins of my treatment. Too many chiefs before, and in the end, nobody knows my body as well as I do. I ran 20 minutes today, not without kinks, but its an improvement. And day two of Bikram’s yoga had me just about in the emergency room for heat exhaustion. Something about the room today felt sooooo much hotter. And the instructor had no mercy. She just kept saying, “It’s supposed to hurt!” Holy cow, good thing I had a handle on moderation in there or I would have been suffering from more than the heat.
The cool thing about this instructor was she talked a lot about leaving all your garbage outside the door, and that by struggling through 90 minutes of discomfort, pushing yourself, finding your limits, pushing against them, and feeling on the verge of giving up…over the course of several days, the other 22.5 hours of your day start to feel better. “The harder you work in here,” she said, “the better it gets for you out there.”
The mentality of Bikram yoga really translates well to running. I couldn’t help thinking today that it would be a hell of a secret weapon to have in my pocket if only I had the energy to do it every day once running ramps up again. Maybe I can learn to apply the same mentality to my running practice and accomplish the same goal; receive the same benefit. I don’t know, I feel like in order to do that, I’d have to run by myself with that pocket-rocket of an instructor chirping in my ear, guiding me through pain to wisdom.
Check out this video if you want to have a full appreciation for Bikram yoga: