Only a few short days ago, I was complaining about the strange looks I get at large gyms when I’m doing bizarre functional strength and conditioning work. Today things went to a new level.

I must have had my “friendly and approachable” face on because even in the middle of doing “A skips” someone stopped me to talk to me about what I was doing. This man looked me over and verbally concluded that I must be a heptathlete. Awesome. And then he recommended that I try out the stair climber.

Then 10 minutes later, while doing core, another person struck up a conversation about core training. This man was a hard core triathlete doing advanced stuff himself, stuff that would put most of his 50 year old peers to shame. But I got totally distracted from what I was doing and blabbed away.

There were two other incidences as well, in a 40 minute gym session that dragged on for over an hour. Its fun to talk to people about training, but I need to learn to walk around the gym with my ipod headphones in and a hard-core facial expression if I have any intention of getting things done in a reasonable amount of time.

One can definitely say that Albuquerquians are a friendly, athletic bunch.