Foothills Trail in the Sandia MountainsHip was a bit cranky today, but I went ahead and ran in the foothills. This photo is from spring, and today the trails were lightly covered in two inches of snow. Luckily the air was freezing cold, so the snow stayed nice and grippy and dry. To me, it felt just like running on softer dirt, and my soul loved it. After 5 minutes or so, I loosened up, and a new artist came up on my ipod that made me totally get into the groove. Emiliani Torrini is amazing; check her out.

The trails wind all over the place, fork left and right, and turn into a total maze, so I inevitably missed a turn when trying to make a loop, which dumped me out in a neighborhood a mile away from the car when my allowable running time had already run out. So, I walked.

I was in such a groove that I desperately wanted to ignore the watch and just run back to the car. Caution took precedence, leading to a little bit of frustration on the walk back. As in, “dammit, why can’t i just run back to the friggen car. it won’t make any difference, I’ll probably be fine. Before the last 18 months of injuries, I would never have walked back to the car unless my legs were cramping to a crippling degree at the end of a log run gone wrong. Now 30 minutes and I turn into a pumpkin.

Every time I make a mature, conservative decision in training, I have a mental struggle. Either I am being smart and it will pay dividends. Or I’m being a wuss and I’ll never amount to anything until I stop structuring things so much. But the second option isn’t it. I just have to believe that patience is the way right now.