sweet life cakes

After I wrote last night, Jesse and I were laying in bed feeling absolutely ill from the chocolate cake at Steph’s party. I mean, for real guys, this cake had chunks of chocolate chip cookies inside it. Not chocolate chips, chocolate chip COOKIES. The cake was dark chocolate; ebony black heaven. You should check their website out if you appreciate sweets. Our extreme discomfort was due to the fact that we are lactose intolerant and the cake was a tribute to the dairy industry. Oh and our pieces were closer to slabs than slices. But eventually we fell asleep.

I wanted to sleep in. I really did. But 8:30 was the best I could do. And what a rude awakening when my body ached like I’d been in a car accident. The second round of testing yesterday with the physio was movement based, and felt so easy I didn’t bother mentioning it in my blog. Ha! And I wake up unable to move properly!
My solution was to go to Bikram yoga and work out the kinks in a nice hot room. It didn’t do much to relieve the soreness, but it felt good to sweat and work hard. I did my PT exercises on my feet and ankles, some general maintenance stuff, and then had a bite to eat while waiting for team weights at 12:15.
By 12:00, I was seriously doubting that I could move properly, much less move weights around without hurting myself, so I called coach and cancelled weights. And a little tiny nap was going to take its place. A nap that lasted 3 1/2 hours.