From the moment I woke up today, I knew another run would be unlikely without at least a full day of recovery. My hip and glute were sore, and not moving smoothly when I walked out of the bedroom, so I figured rather than sit around bummed out that I couldn’t repeat my joyous jaunt from yesterday, I’d just head to the gym instead.
Biking felt great, no problems as usual. Steph and Carol, (Jesse’s mom,) set up some spin bikes overlooking the basketball courts at the gym. Our neat little row of bikes were welcoming with their sweat towels and water bottles perched on top. The atmosphere in the gym was great for a workout, full of positive people fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions. Bike
My favorite cross training workout on the bike is a threshold ladder. You warm up for 10 minutes with your heart rate under 140. Then you do a 4×5 minute progression, gradually ramping up the heart rate: 5 min at 140-149, 5 min at 150-159, 5 min at 160-169, 5 min at 170-179, and then you go right back to the beginning and repeat the set 2 or 3 times. There is no rest, it is all continuous.
On the last five minuter, Steph talked me through the effort by doing the commentary for a fictitious 5k USA Championship race. It came down to a three woman race with me, Goucher and Flanagan. Steph did a hell of a job with the commentary and I closed my eyes and really felt myself racing: the wind, the crowd, the lights shining down, the sweat. And when I was victorious, I let myself feel the satisfaction and bliss of victory as I jogged my cooldown lap.
As great as that experience was, I really hope I can run again tomorrow.