Portland PizzaWithout a doubt, my favorite thing in Portland is a slice of New York style pepperoni pizza from this little place I can’t resist going to. I was so looking forward to having some again tomorrow, since I had an appointment scheduled somewhere in the post-pizza lunch hour, but alas, I had to reschedule. There is a man visiting from Australia who is working with our team this week, and it is important that I stick around for that. Friday I have another reason to go to P-Town, so the pizza will have to wait until then.

Highlight of the day was trying a new swim workout given to me by my friend Laura. It was perfect for a non-swimmer like me. I actually ended up doing 16×50 in the main set, instead of 10. Good day in the pool I guess. Here is the session:

400 easy swim, alternating freestyle and backstroke by 100’s

Drill set:
6 x 50 alternating between catch-up freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Si6VeAfluQ and fingertip drag freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvhnB0O97k0 The interval should be relaxed, maybe 15 seconds between 50’s or whatever time it takes you to catch your breath since this shouldn’t be too exhausting.

Main set:
10 x 50 with Zoomers, on 1:00 interval (or faster if you’re getting more than 15 sec. rest)
odds: freestyle swim, first 25 relaxed, focusing on form, second 25 build to sprint
evens: kick (with a kickboard or on your back in a streamlined position) strong effort! This is the part that should burn!

Cool down:
300 easy swim, freestyle or backstroke

Total distance: 1,500