A Different ViewDay one of camp went well. That new mental perspective I eluded to yesterday requires that the quality of my day shall be independent from my physical state. Allow me to take you through what that required of me.

6:30am, I wake up from a restless night’s sleep. My hip was sore all night, most likely from all the travel, and the sunlight had me buzzin way earlier than usual. I limp from the first step out of bed, because my right SI joint hurts and there is a pinching in the front of my hip.
I begin to feel extremely frustrated for about 20 seconds, since this is the most pain I’ve had in weeks, just days after a cortisone shot (is that supposed to happen?) Out of habit, I start to worry over it, thinking about potential causes, and this quickly spirals into what the hell am I doing with my life, this is getting ridiculous, etc.
But I have made a covenant with myself these first two weeks of camp. I have a physical plan, and it is based on the thought that some of my physical pain, (if not all,) resides in a nerve dysfunction and hypersensitivity from a previous injury that in the past 8 weeks is surely healed enough to resume training. So basically that means I am pushing through the pain. And I am telling myself that it is ok to do that for two weeks. With no other diagnosis, and with enough time off in the bank to assume healing, that is simply where I’m at.
So back to the pain this morning. I recognized myself taking the pain towards analysis, and stopped. Then I went on about my day.
As a result, my day went way better than expected. My workout was some PT exercises, drills (which were painful but do-able,) and a therapeutic soak in the hot tub. The rest of the day was spent hanging out with the awesome family who is hosting us until Tuesday.
This family is a very tight knit group, with extended family here in Albuquerque, and every Sunday they get together for a big family meal. I’m talking turkey, stuffing, squash, green bean casserole, you name it. Fourteen people or so, teasing one another, telling stories, and just hanging out. To be honest, I never really thought you could do that kind of thing in real life without a group of pasty Brady Bunchers behind it. But this group is real. All it requires is a tight knit family that lives in one place.
That last part is the biggest obstacle. I’ve got a tight knit family, and we are definitely no Brady Bunch, but we are spread out all over the place. Jesse and I both envision doing that kind of thing when we “grow up” with our extended families; all we need is for them all to move to Bend, Oregon in the next six years.
So yeah, great day today. A few highlights, walking the dogs in Bear Canyon arroyo through natural single track trails, staring up at the majestic Sandia Mountains, sitting in a lounge chair outside in a t-shirt with the sun on my face, walking inside to find out the sun was only on the right side of my face for the past hour, Sunday dinner with a perfectly poured Guinness, the Golden Globes, and getting ready to watch another west wing in my PJ’s. Yeah.