After a long nights sleep, I popped out of bed and went right to the gym at my apartment complex, cranking out a big fartlek session on the elliptical (1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 with half recoveries if you care). My body felt so good on the cross trainer that on the 3 minute walk home, I thought I’d just see what it felt like to run. Just a tiny bit. Tiny.

Yeah, no good. I’m thinking more and more its a nerve thing. The rest of the day I was pain free, except the occassional back spasm. Zippitidoodah. Or, maybe its just a back injury and the hip is phantom nerve off-shoot.

My KitchenWhatevs, that’s my 5 minutes of today I’m allowing myself to think about that. The rest of the day I spent doing wife things. Cleaning up the house, wrapping gifts, getting stuff at the store for baking, and finally GOING GINGER COOKIE CRAZY!

Never having made my own ginger snaps, and having a husband that loves them, I was inspired to give it a shot. I’m a pretty good cook, generally. And not being able to choose a recipe, I did two at once. One for gingerbread men, and one for ginger cookies.

Gingerbread men were predictable. Not that sweet, nice and crunchy, and of course shaped like men. But the ginger cookies…ooh la la. They are the ones with crusted sugar on the top that makes them crackle in the oven. Yeah, that’s right. Dip ‘em in milk (or lactaid if you are us) and you are on another planet. I was so happy that even watching Terminator 3 was enjoyable.

I love being a wife. I enjoy the traditional feminine things, even though I am a feminist. One cool thing I learned at Stanford was that you can be a feminist and a stay at home mom who likes to cook. If you do what you do because you love it and you choose it, than you are empowered, no matter what it is.

Killer Recipe for Ginger Snaps