Jesse on his bikeJesse can ride a stationary bike for 4 hours. No exaggeration. Me? 45 minutes and I’m dozing off, 60 I’m plotting murder, 90 and I’m gouging my eyes out with the remote control. Today I made it 90 minutes with my friend Steph, both eyes intact, and we have Will Ferrell to thank. He is so funny in Elf I only plotted my own suicide three times and nearly wet myself five. If you’ve only seen that movie once, give it another try. I hated it in the theater a million years ago when it first came out and now, wow.

I don’t even bother with those upright bikes anymore, and I NEVER touch the recumbents. Proper spin bikes are my preference in a gym. The absolute best is to hook my road bike up to the fluid trainer and watch a movie in my own living room like Jesse is doing in this picture. Then the bike is measured just right for you every time, and your body positioning is sound, preventing those injuries you get from cross-training (insult to injury).

I just want to give a shout out to the jerk-face who stole our bikes out of our garage in Eugene, preventing me from enjoying the comfort of cycling in my living room during this time of need. Thanks buddy. Hope you are living large on my pastel blue girlie Specialized, or at least made some good money selling the parts on ebay. Will Ferrell is getting me through just fine, so don’t worry about it.