Its amazing to me that today, until this very moment, I hadn’t thought about running at all. Not once. I slept in like a champ, did office stuff, cross trained, ate, and Christmas shopped. Those things my day did make. And the thing that dominates most of my waking thoughts, despite three weeks of cross training, simply evaded me. How the hell does that happen?!

In the spirit of seemingly unrelated subjects later becoming joined, if you’ve never seen a “mexican jumping bean,” you are really missing out. I’m pretty sure every Los Angeles native has visited Olvera Street at some point, and mexican jumping beans are a popular item because they pretty much blow the mind of anyone under the age of 12 and cost about a dollar.

Walking into one of the store shops, I’ll never forget seeing those tiny, clear plastic boxes with about 4 beans crammed inside, unexplainably slamming themselves against the lid of the box as if trying to escape. But this made absolutely no sense, SINCE THEY ARE BEANS. I couldn’t afford not to buy them at that point. I mean, the lady at the shop could have offered me the moon instead (for free) and I would have emphatically refused. “These are beans! And they are jumping! Do you hear me? BEANS!”

Which brings me to the end of my story. At the start of a break from running, I basically feel like one of those beans. For the first several days they are hopping around like crazy. The more time goes by, they still bang around, but not as often. Then they twitch here and there; and eventually, after a critical period, they rest.

As a kid, I was always sad when they stopped moving, pretty much because it meant they were dead. But right now I find the metaphor comforting. With futile effort, I’ve been jerking and banging and twitching, wanting to break out of my shell and run despite my physical reality. What a relief to have finally passed a day in peace.
I guess the shelf life of the mental addiction to running is about three weeks. But you’ll have to chime in on that one to verify or contest. I wonder what tomorrow will be like.