The Seattle Music Museum WallRespite:
1. a delay of cessation for a time, esp. of anything distressing or trying; an interval of relief.
2. temporary suspension of the execution of a person condemned to death; reprieve.

When I googled that word to make sure I was using it properly, those two definitions made me laugh out loud. That’s the story of my stanford education, by the way: 5 years after graduation, I find myself using words I used to know, or kind of remembering important world events or scientific facts. Google is essentially the refresher course that keeps my degrees relevant.
So yesterday I was really in a tizzy, reaching my frustration breaking point. And as usual following a day like that, a day off training was in order. I slept 12 hours, called family, did some reading, and went to the doctor and PT. No new news, but a bone scan is scheduled for Friday to make sure the clean MRI from 2 weeks ago didn’t miss something.
Best decision of the week was recharging the battery. So many runners are scared to take a day off, as if it is a sign of weakness, or will kill their momentum. I’ve always looked at a day off as a mandatory part of the week, at max 10 days. Think of your body like your cellphone for a second. When you train every single day, its like you are plugging in your dead cellphone for an hour at a time and then unplugging/using it before its charged all the way. Do this repeatedly and you end up with a battery that won’t hold a charge for crap. Every so often, you just need to plug the bugger in and let it sit.