I just had one of those nights where I ate way too much popcorn and candy at the movies. Feeling my stomach churn as we pulled into the parking spot at home I swore to my husband I was “buckling down” starting tomorrow.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about cross training and diet, its that its much harder to be disciplined when you aren’t running. The best way to combat this is to have a cross training schedule that you are excited about, and to mentally stay “on a roll.” When you keep a steady workout schedule, and match that with a good attitude, emotional eating is less of a problem. But some days, you feel like its all a big joke.

In general, I’ve been pretty good. However this morning I realized that the cross training is wearing on me mentally, and I’m losing motivation to live like a world class athlete all the time. When I was younger I used to beat myself up over losing focus, but now I’ve learned that struggling to stay motivated while cross training is just part of the deal.

Successfully managing an injury is not measured by whether or not you eat junk food, doubt yourself, or debate throwing in the towel completely. Those things will happen, and they are normal. Success is determined by how quickly you can forgive yourself and get your eyes back on the road ahead.

Tomorrow I’m up early for Yoga and PT exercises, and then I’m sitting down to reassess my situation and determine if I need to change directions with my treatment to see some definitive progress. For me, pigging out at the movies until I feel ill is generally a sign I need to take some action.