Today I felt terrible on my bike ride, my hip was more sore than the past three days, and I was feeling sorry for myself for not running. I miss it.

But then I went to Hayward Field and OTC Elite hosted a community event where we showed people of all ages how to do a proper warm-up routine, and the day totally turned around.
Christmas Tree and Jesse
By far the greatest part was buying my first Christmas tree with my husband. Watching him carry it on his shoulder and load it into our crappy little green subaru in the misty rain…I felt completely full of love.

We shopped for decorations (starting from scratch as we’ve never done our own Christmas before) and made it look just the way we wanted to. With three different kinds of lights that were all too short, a box of candy canes, and some oven dried orange slices for ornaments, the tree was absolutely perfect.